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how to sell old jewelry/gold?

rozpoczęty 2 lata temu przez JesseVoss
2018-06-09 11:59 49%

A friend of ours died a couple of weeks ago, and he had asked if we would take and care for his dog. We agreed without condition, but he had insisted (with a written and witnessed document) that we take his collection of jewelry to help cover the added expense (she's a big dog, in the prime of her life, so I guesstimate she's going to cost us about $5k in food, let alone vet bills etc.). So now he's dead, and his brother (the executor and primary beneficiary of his will) has happily agreed that we should take this coffee can full of jewelry and sell it.Going through the coffee can the other night, it appears there are a number of gold rings, some chains, a couple of what may be diamond ear rings, a gold ring with a largish red stone (ruby?), an old gold watch that says 18K on the back, a string of pearls, various tie pins with sparkly bits, etc. Knowing our friend, I expect a lot of this was won in late night poker games or other shady dealings - he was quite colourful guy - but this is not my problem.Obviously, what I need to do is take this stuff somewhere to get it appraised (presumably more than one appraisal is a good idea?) and then try to sell it. But it strikes me that this is a good way to get scammed (I have zero clue as to what this stuff is worth), and also there's the whole "how do I prove I didn't just steal this stuff" problem. Is there a way to find "reputable" buyers of jewelry and avoid getting scammed?

Please help.

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